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Brand Name Composition Dosage Form Pack Theropatic Class Category
Vasone Betamethazone ( Valerate ) 0.1 % Cream, Ointment 15 gm Topical Steroid Topical Plain Steroids
Vitilase Pseudocatalase and Ca Cream 65gm Topical Skin Recoloring Preparations Topical Skin Recoloring Preparations
Vocort Isoconazole Nitrate1%Diflucortolone(Valerate)0.1%. Cream. 15gm, 30gm Antifungal, Anti-inflammatory. Topical Steroids with Antifungal/Anti-infective Combination
Vocozole Isoconazole Nitrate 1 % Cream 15gm, 30gm Antifungal Topical Plain Antifungals